Facility requests are on a first come, first serve basis to the public.  However, your request may be denied or cancelled in the event a WSD school group/activity needs the room in which you booked.  The charges you may see are only an estimate and will be updated accordingly. 

7510 - Use of District Facilities 

Facility Rental Fee Schedule

Read Policy and Pricing Information (above.)

  1. Apply to Become a Requester.
  2. Provide Your Current Insurance Liability Form with Your Requester Registration.
  3. Wait for Your Approval Email.
  4. Submit Your Resource Request Seven Business Days Prior to Your First Event Date. Large Events Require a Minimum of Thirty Days Advance Notice. Your request is not confirmed until steps 5 & 6 below are completed. 
  5. Wait for email of approval/denial of your facilities request. To check on the status of your request, log in to your account and click on the request history tab.
  6. When a request has been approved, an electronic contract will be sent to the requester. Sign the electronic contract with the pin you created in your account.